Know where to find children’s books in the UC Berkeley Library?

Mi diario de aquí hasta allá = My diary from here to there

is one of many titles from the UC Berkeley Education/Psychology Library’s Children’s Literature Collection.  To find others, browse the collection or search OskiCat by keywords (example: immigration juvenile literature)


What language would you read if you were making this recipe?

and where would you find this volume on campus?

This Swahili cookbook was published in Tanzania and is part of the Biosciences Library Cookbook collection.  This collection comprises over 4000 titles from all over the world, spanning 1534 – present; languages represented include Latin, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish.  The collection is used by anthropologists, nutritionists, historians and everyday cooks.

Browse the cookbook collection in the Biosciences Library, or search Oskicat (example:  keywords:  cookery Portuguese)